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Glenn Close

Horror meets sex romp at Abyss Theatre

Horror meets sex romp at Abyss Theatre

Horror movies are big business, doubtless because some of us – though not all of us – love the thrill of goosebumps and shocks that momentarily stop our racing hearts.

Horror plays? They aren’t so common.  But Infinite Abyss founder Erynn Dalton has found one she digs so much that she’s been in it twice.

When the now-defunct Sol Theatre Project did Canadian playwright Brad Fraser’s “Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love” in 2006, Dalton played Benita, a psychic and storyteller with a penchant for sex, drugs, horror tales and the little ditty “Lavender Blue.”

Now, at the Abyss Theatre in Wilton Manors where the play is being presented...