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Helen Mirren

'The Leisure Seeker' sticks to the trite and true

'The Leisure Seeker' sticks to the trite and true

Better screen representation for older actors starts with not making movies like “The Leisure Seeker,” a soggy East Coast road trip saga in which Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland valiantly pretend that rogue treatment of debilitating illnesses has its funny/endearing side.

They play the Spencers — John (Sutherland), a retired English professor with Alzheimer’s, Ellen (Mirren), his devoted, bedridden, Southern-belle wife — who take their long-cherished 1975 Winnebago Indian on one last RV vacation, without anybody’s knowledge, especially their worried adult children (Christian McKay, Janel Moloney). If the premise already triggers your aversion to the contrived application of...