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Glenn Frey

35 things to do in a busy (shhh) April

35 things to do in a busy (shhh) April

Are they there yet? No one loves the annual interaction we have with snowbirds more than I. How else would I know about real pizza and how much happier Giancarlo Stanton is playing real baseball? I have learned that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee tastes better in Boston and that I haven’t had Cuban like they get in Philly at Alma de Cuba (Douglas Rodriguez!). So helpful.

Sadly, this is about the time that many snowbirds leave here for there. With spring temperatures still dipping into the 30s in New York and Boston, let’s hope they stay warm. One longtime acquaintance from “Strong Island” (never gets old) said he felt as if things were slowing down in South Florida, anyway.

It is out...