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Peter Dinklage

The 'Elf' quiz: How much do you remember, buddy?

The 'Elf' quiz: How much do you remember, buddy?

Will Ferrell’s classic-already holiday movie “Elf,” celebrating its 10th anniversary, is screening for free Friday night at 8 at the ArtsPark in downtown Hollywood, which may not excite you because you’ve seen it 14 times already. Which would make you an expert. Which would make this little quiz a piece of cake, soaked in syrup:

1. Name an elf’s four main food groups.

2. What store gives Buddy the Elf a job?

3. The “Elf” cast includes what “Game of Thrones” star?

4. What word is fun for Buddy to say?

5. To get to New York, Buddy walks through what...