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Carol Burnett

'Luv' warps the mind a little

'Luv' warps the mind a little

"Luv," the comedy now at the Plaza Theatre in Manalapan, isn't a many-splendored thing, but it's a pretty funny thing.

At least, it's funny in fits. And for that, we can thank the cast, adept at mining laughs out of the tiniest throwaway line or the most-oblique stage direction as they are. So what if the show conjures the Ghost of Variety Shows Past every once in a while? What comedy couldn't benefit from a little Sid Caesar or Carol Burnett?

Written by Murray Schisgal (co-writer of "Tootsie") and directed here with a wink and a nudge by Andy Rogow, the two-act show set in 1964 opens with Harry Berlin (wild-eyed Steven J. Carroll) about to jump off a...