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Jimmy Kimmel

Jim Jefferies: 'I'm just trying to hold it together'

Jim Jefferies: 'I'm just trying to hold it together'

When Jim Jefferies turned 40 in February, the Australian-born comedian decided to stop a routine that’s becoming harder to repeat in middle age: crash-dieting before recording his standup specials. During an appearance last June on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Jefferies brought visual aids, including a photo of a smartphone app tracking his weight as a line graph.

“I have an app where I put my weight in every single day so I can see where my life’s going,” Jefferies explained, as a graphic appeared on a screen behind Kimmel’s desk. “Can anyone tell where I recorded my special?” he asked the audience, pointing to a dip in the graph: 200 pounds. The line then shot up to 210 pounds. “Then,...