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South America

Jorge Drexler's poetry in motion

Jorge Drexler's poetry in motion

Singer and songwriter, medical doctor and TED speaker, Oscar winner and Uruguayan son of a German Jew who fled Berlin for Bolivia in 1939, Jorge Drexler says his new album, “Salvavidas de Hielo,” is filled with the “spirit of building bridges” in complicated times. “That’s my way of relating with trauma,” he says. “Not shouting or protesting, but opening my heart.” Speaking from his home in Madrid, in advance of a performance Thursday, Feb. 8, at the Fillmore Miami Beach, the 53-year-old Drexler spoke about his new music, migrants, climate change, empathy, optimism, Leonard Cohen and the potential he sees in Miami.

The title of your album, “Salvavidas de Hielo,” translates...