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Dali's hippie years on display in Fort Lauderdale

Dali's hippie years on display in Fort Lauderdale

Along with melting clocks, lobster telephones and maintaining his magnificent mustache, surrealist painter Salvador Dali was also fascinated by one of the weirder cultural movements of the 1960s: the hippies, man.

In 1969, the enigmatic Spaniard's art publisher, Pierre Argillet, approached Dali after witnessing the blossoming hippie movement in India, and showed the artist photographs of free-spirited folks bathing nude, picking flowers and bathing with elephants. Commissioned hand-colored drypoint etchings in Dali's "Les Hippies" suite reveal the intricate whirls and surreal depictions of the long-haired and beaded figures dancing nude and weightless across India's...