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BankAtlantic Center

Jon Hopkins bringing 'gorgeous, glitchy' jams to Bardot

Jon Hopkins bringing 'gorgeous, glitchy' jams to Bardot

When Jon Hopkins made his only previous visit to South Florida, he was left off the bill for a November, 2008 show with tourmates Coldplay at the BankAtlantic Center. Not that anyone would have noticed.

To that point the London composer and synth experimentalist was best known, if he was known at all, for a luscious sound (found on his 2001 debut album “Opalescent” and 2004’s “Contact Note”) reminiscent of the lounge-y moodiness of Zero 7 (check out the first album’s “Elegiac”), though lacking that duo’s critical appreciation or record sales.

“They were extremely unheard. No one really connected with them at all,” Hopkins says of his first two albums. However, he characterizes...