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Karaoke smackdown: Battier vs. Bryant

Karaoke smackdown: Battier vs. Bryant

For the first time in Battioke history, party host Shane Battier is out to win the celebrity-strewn charity karaoke event March 3 at the Fillmore Miami Beach. This time, Battier says, it's personal.

Are you listening, Kobe?

Asked for the No. 1 smack-talking NBA rival that he'd like to face in a must-win karaoke duel, and what song he would choose, the former Miami Heat star replies without hesitation.

"I've had a lot of battles with Kobe Bryant. He's been my foil," Battier says. And the song? "It would be 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor, going up against Kobe Bryant. He would know what that's about."

In case you think this is an empty boast, know...