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Weekend preview: Iggy, Yoli and candy cane trees

Weekend preview: Iggy, Yoli and candy cane trees

This is that long weekend when we invite family and friends from faraway places into our homes and our lives and, let’s face it, rub their noses in it. Not only do we have the great weather, but, damn us, we have pretty much everything they like to jabber on about back in North Port Lake Whatchmacallit.

We’ve got great coffee shops and art-house movie theaters, cool bands, breweries and record stores, funky warehouse districts. Our college football team is undefeated (the Gators and Seminoles are down, but they can still handle your Rutgers, Illinois, Pittsburgh and, yes, Michigan), and there are six more words you can throw around: Steve Earle is coming to town.

Here are some...