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Fort Lauderdale Strikers

Weekend preview: Hang 20, start Oktoberfest early

Weekend preview: Hang 20, start Oktoberfest early

Last weekend Luke McGregor was doing laundry at his Delray Beach home and slipped from the chair he was seated in, breaking his right leg near the ankle.

He only knew it was broken after looking down to see his leg was pointing one way and his foot was 180 degrees the other. He was in no pain. McGregor has been paralyzed since a freak teenage accident 35 years ago.

With limited use of his shoulders and arms, no ability to grip with his hands, and nothing operating below his waist, McGregor was in a spot. But he was not alone. He had Korbin, his service dog.

“It was definitely something that was not normal, and he picked up on it right...