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VIDEO: Drag queen nightclub shares shots with Rod with a Twist

VIDEO: @LipsFTL has different drag queen shows throughout the week

Rod with a Twist gets a drag attack from Lips. The Oakland Park supper club features a female impersonator cast in performances six days of the week, including the late-night "Taboo" show Saturday night and the "Gospel Brunch" Sunday. Drag-a-licious entertainer Nicolette and nightclub manager Sean Engler do one of Nick's fabulous shots with Rod, while explaining all the different themed shows at Lips.

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About Rod with a Twist:

"Rod with a Twist" is a boozy woozy doozy of a video series with actors, jocks and local celebs bellying up to the bar with bon vivant Rod and master mixologist Nick for irreverent interviews. It's a lil' freaky and a lotta funky with conversational twists and turns that dance right up to the edge…and then joyfully right over it. Too far? Probably. But after a few of Nick's drinks, does it look like Rod cares?"

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