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Cameron Indoor Stadium's message to Terps: 'Good Riddance'

The Baltimore Sun

The Cameron Crazies get their first chance to “comment” today on Maryland’s impending exit from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Predictably, notes about the Big Ten move are included on  the Crazy prep sheets distributed before today's Duke-Maryland game.

I spotted a “Good Riddance” sign inside Cameron with a Terps logo in the middle.  It wasn’t a Crazy holding it, however, but rather a middle-aged woman (a Crazy retiree?).

"Let's show them the way out of the ACC in style," said a notation on the actual prep sheet. The sheet had "dirt" on players, such as Pe'Shon Howard's disorderly conduct arrest.

For nostalgia purposes, here is a brief highlight reel from previous Crazy talking points on Maryland game days

From when Gary Williams was coach, the prep sheet said:

"Gary Williams tends to sweat. A LOT. Make liberal use of 'Sweat, Gary, sweat!" when he gets nervous."

On former Terps star Greivis Vasquez:

“Where do we even start? This week he said of Cameron Indoor, 'That's my house. I love going in there. It's going to be fun.' He must figure that it can't get any worse than his home arena."

On Nick Faust last season:

"You'll instantly recognize him because he looks like he's 14."


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