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There are gift options left on Joe Flacco's wedding registry

As our Jamison Hensley reported, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco married longtime girlfriend Dana Grady over the weekend at a "low-key" ceremony in Philadelphia. We also learned from Jamison that the Flaccos are registered at Macy’s and Crate and Barrel, and it’s not too late to buy the happy couple a wedding gift.

So what do you get an up-and-coming franchise quarterback who is still living off his rookie contract?

Possibilities range from an $8.99 Martha Stewart icing spatula to a $600 cookware set. The couple still needs a banana hanger and one more tea bag squeezer (seriously). Both items will set you back fewer than 15 bucks.

Most items are things like pots and pans, bath towels, flannel dusters and dust pans -- no big-screen TVs or PlayStations or fun, manly stuff like that -- so I’m guessing that Joe had little input.

Maybe Cam Cameron was his registry coordinator.

In all seriousness, congrats to the Flaccos. And feel free to send him a gift. It would be pretty cool to know that the Ravens’ starting quarterback has a bread box or a Foreman Grill courtesy of you.

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