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The 'New Coke' president

When will U.S. become a stable place again?

The American people have seen President Donald Trump issue many executive orders and make many comments that, within hours, have been changed. We will put a 20 percent tariff on goods coming from Mexico? Oh, no, that is just an option. Green card holders from the selected countries cannot automatically re-enter? Oh, no, that wasn't what we meant. Alternative facts? Oh, they never said there was such a thing.

Many of your readers may remember the disaster that was New Coke. The company made a huge mistake thinking that all of their customers that bought "old' Coke didn't really like it and would rather have something closer to Pepsi. Not thinking their decision through cost the company a lot of money, humiliation and a few customers.

Decisions made by a U.S. president cost money, futures and the lives of people. Mr. Trump had better realize that he is now the president of the United States and the decisions he makes have huge ramifications ("Trump takes first step to scale back financial regulations," Feb. 3).

Tim Sharman, Baltimore

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