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Protests, roadblocks draw Bolivian warning for tourists

Chicago Tribune

Bolivia: Authorities strongly recommend that tourists avoid traveling to Potosi, Tarija and Sucre because of ongoing miner protests and roadblocks. The demonstrations, including a push for more public works projects, are expected to continue for several weeks, and ground transportation throughout the country, including to and from tourist destinations such as Lake Titicaca and the salt flats in Uyuni, may be seriously delayed. Tourists should plan accordingly and pack extra food and water if traveling by car or bus.

Dominican Republic: Tourists are encouraged to bring anti-malarial medications because several cases of malaria have been reported by American tourists after visiting the country. The highest rates of the mosquito-borne infection have been reported in tourist areas such as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, though Santiago and Santo Domingo cities have yet to report cases.

Greece: Tourists on the island of Rhodes should be aware of strict regulations against taking photographs at military installations in Greece, especially on Aegean Sea islands near Turkey. A tourist recently was arrested for snapping photos at one location, and she may be charged with breaking this law. Check with local authorities when near military sites for information about specific restrictions.

South Africa: A safari guide was injured when the vehicle he was in got dangerously close to a leopard. The animal attempted to jump through the jeep's window and latched onto the tour guide's arm. The animal later was diagnosed with tuberculosis and euthanized. Many safari tours are careful to keep a safe distance from wild animals, but some animals — provoked or not — can attack without warning.

Worldwide: The U.S. Department of State updated a worldwide safety report July 29 indicating that the possibility of terror threats against Americans remains a concern, particularly in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia. Although thousands of Americans travel internationally each year without incident, maintaining a high level of vigilance and increasing security awareness is highly recommended.

Compiled from news services and travel sources. For updates, check with the State Department at 888-407-4747,

Larry Habegger and Dani Burlison are freelance reporters.

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