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Ryan Adams concert review, Calle Ocho photos | The Monday Hit List

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Good afternoon, South Florida. Who wants pi?

(Photo: Barbara Corbellini Duarte)

1. Eight ways to Sunday

Calle Ocho, also known as the Please, if You're Going To Park in Front of My House, Don't Toss Your Cigarette Butts on My Lawn Festival, returned Sunday to Eighth Street in Miami for the 40th year. I had somewhere else to be, but Barbara Corbellini Duarte and her camera spent the afternoon in the thick of the event.

Recommended listening: Xenia Rubinos' Tiny Desk Concert

(Photo: Talia J. Medina)

2. It's St. Pat!

Fort Lauderdale, always special, celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a parade this past Saturday, nearly a week before the actual holiday. Talia J. Medina braved the bagpipes and shamrock shakes to bring you these photos.

Recommended listening: "Days Like This" by Van Morrison

(Photo: Rolando Otero)

3. Halloweenhead, heavy-metal heart

Yes, Ryan Adams is wearing a Slayer T-shirt in the above photo. And as anyone who attended his concert Friday night at Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale knows, he is not wearing it ironically. Click here to read my review of the show.

Recommended listening: "Do You Still Love Me?" by Ryan Adams

4. Video: We found Dory

Rod Stafford Hagwood visits Sea Watch on the Ocean, where, he notes, "fish and crustaceans consider it an honor to be grilled to the gills."

Recommended listening: "Fishing" by Superchunk

(Photo: Joe del Tufo)

5. Bromberg was here

Name an icon of 1960s or '70s rock 'n' roll or mid-20th century blues, and David Bromberg probably has a story to tell about him or her. In advance of his appearance this Thursday at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Bromberg talked to Bob Weinberg about his experiences working alongside Bob Dylan, Mississippi John Hurt, the Rev. Gary Davis, Jerry Jeff Walker and George Harrison. Bromberg wasn't bragging, however. As Weinberg points out, the guitarist is cooler than we are: "With all the iconic artists with whom Bromberg has worked, he says he never became starstruck. Sure, Dylan and the Beatles were enormous influences, but he knew better than to act like a fawning fanboy around them."

Recommended listening: "The Holdup" by David Bromberg

— compiled by editor Jake Cline,,

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