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Lana Del Rey, Le Tub, Liv | The Monday Hit List

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Heartbroken. Again. We're with you, Las Vegas.

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1. Another side of Lana Del Rey

Tickets to see Lana Del Rey on Feb. 1 at the BB&T Center in Sunrise are on sale today. Be sure to get one. As I wrote in 2015 after seeing Del Rey perform in West Palm Beach, "Like everything else with Del Rey, her lyrics invite interpretation and reject it all at once. If you want this song to be about me, she seems to be saying, fine, then it's about me. If you want it to be about you, well, that's fine, too. If something is happening here and you don't know what it is, to borrow a lyric from another divisive, enigmatic songwriter, well, keep looking. You're bound to find what you're after sooner or later." That's right: I compared Lana Del Rey to Bob Dylan.

Recommended listening: "White Mustang" by Lana Del Rey

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2. Le Tub thumping

The Eat Beat's Mike Mayo shuts down rumors -- perpetuated, of course, on social media -- that Hollywood restaurant Le Tub was blown into the Intracoastal and out of business last month by Hurricane Irma. "[A photo of a] toppled tree, wrecked fence and sand-covered parking lot triggered overblown speculation that the restaurant had been destroyed," Mayo writes. "One Facebook user wrote, 'Have friends in Florida. Several have posted [Le Tub] is gone, creamed. They’re saying it is not there.' ” It is, and they're wrong.

Recommended listening: "The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" by the National


(Photo: Michael Laughlin)

3. Where were the spiders? 

Talia J. Medina recently visited Liv nightclub, which reopened this month at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach following a $10 million renovation. You can watch video of her visit here. And as Johnny Diaz reports, "One of the key components of the project was the installation of more than 400 LED panels to produce lights that move in sync with the pulsating dance music. The panels are attached to a giant electronic 'spider' that expands and contracts as it drops from the club’s dome and hovers over the grooving crowds.

Recommended listening: "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie

(Photo: Casa Calabria)

4. House music

"Nearly everything I had was good, prepared simply and smartly by three Italian-born chefs who helm the kitchen," Mike Mayo writes of Casa Calabria restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, which he recently awarded a three-star review. Among the good: baked stuffed peppers Calabrese, rigatoni with simmered beef tenderloin in tomato sauce, and grilled octopus.

Recommended listening: "Sylvester Stallone" by Angus and Julia Stone


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5. Bling it on 

“The Liberace is the absolute icing on the cake." Like you're not going to click on this.

Recommended listening: "Hope Is a Thing With Feathers" by Trailer Bride

— compiled by editor Jake Cline, 

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