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Ultra pics, Jim Jefferies, Wawa | The Monday Hit List

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Good afternoon, South Florida. It's 2017. Or is it 1817?

(Photo: Barbara Corbellini Duarte)

1. Ultra mega OK

Barbara Corbellini Duarte took more than 250 photos during her two-day visit to this weekend's Ultra Music Festival in Miami. She's still shaking the glitter out of her camera.

Recommended listening: "The Kids Are Alright" by the Who

(Photo: Peter Gallagher)

2. It's great to be a Florida gator

Phillip Valys looks at the life and career of James Billie, the former Seminole chief credited in the new documentary "Wrestling Alligators" with creating the Indian gaming industry. “He was the George Washington of Indian gaming,” the film's director, Andrew Shea tells Valys. Perhaps, but I've never heard George Washington sing. The movie will open the Palm Beach International Film Festival on Wednesday.

Recommended listening: "Big Alligator" by Jim Billie


(Photo: Barbara Corbellini Duarte)

3. Power up, power down

Talia J. Medina and Barbara Corbellini Duarte went looking for parties to photograph during Miami Music Week. They didn't have a difficult time finding any.

Recommended listening: "Fantasy Island" by the Shins


(Photo: Maria Lorenzino)

4. Damn the torpedoes

"What's a Wawa?" dining critic and Eat Beat blogger Mike Mayo asks in the video accompanying his account of visiting Wawa, "a sub shop that sells gas," in Palm Springs. "I liked it just fine," Mayo writes, "and I would certainly drop by for a hoagie when a Wawa sprouts closer to home, but I won’t start tithing my dining budget or naming my first born after the place." Now, everyone settle the hell down about this place.

Recommended listening: "Submarines of Stockholm" by AC Newman

(Photo: Hard Rock Live)

5. Good day!

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies made headlines in February when, on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher," he engaged in an insult swap with professional irritant Piers Morgan over Donald Trump's Muslim ban. The argument ended with Jefferies wagging his middle finger in Morgan's face. Mature? No. Funny? Not really. Cathartic? Probably. “I used to be of the opinion that it didn’t matter who you voted for," Jefferies tells Phillip Valys in a recent interview. "The world balanced itself out and kept on truckin’. Which is true, but politics are still important.” Jefferies will play the Hard Rock on April 1.

Recommended listening: "King of the Mountain" by Midnight Oil

— compiled by editor Jake Cline,,

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