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Saturday: Swede Fest 2 Palm Beach at the Borland Center

In Swede Fest 2 Palm Beach, as much attention is paid to saluting indie filmmaking and DIY shrewdness as it is to crafting just a terrible, irredeemably awful movie. The motives here are purely intentional, as these are "swedes," or laughably-bad, no-budget, short-film remakes of Hollywood blockbuster films. Or so says Swede Fest organizer Belle Forino, who may or may not be covering for her own team's less-than riveting remake of the great surfer-dude flick "Point Break." "We went to the beach to film the Australia scene at the end of the movie, expecting to catching this big wave. The wave was not big. It was a little 'sploosh,' " recalls Forino, who is Australian, with a laugh. "A lot of these films are pretty lame-o already, and now we make them even more lame-o." Forino's "Point Break" swede finds good company in the 36 short parodies screening Saturday at the Borland Center for the Performing Arts (4885 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens). Films include "The Exorcist," "The Dark Knight Rises," a "Goodfellas" swede with mime makeup and a "Ghost" remake with characters in Lego costumes. You read that right. The 7 p.m. showtime will be emceed by local comic Will Watkins, with an afterparty at Cantina Laredo (4635 PGA Blvd.). $5, $6 at the door. 561-282-4623 or
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