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Welcome to the bandwagon: Heat cheat sheet

The Miami Heat has been hoopin’ it up for 25 years, although historians can argue the Big Bang occurred on July 8, 2010, when LeBron James announced on ESPN he would leave Cleveland and take his talents to South Beach.

Fan interest and ticket sales grew to the point that the Heat laid off its ticketing staff because it was no longer needed, and James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Co., have blessed us with an NBA Finals appearance in 2011 and an NBA Championship in 2012.

The AmericanAirlines Arena holds only 19,000 or so fans, and while a good number of South Floridians may be watching the Finals on TV, there are still people who have never seen a Heat game.

So, for you folks who only now are hearing such terms as “defensive rotations” and “spacing the floor,” here are some things to know to make your ride on the Miami Heat bandwagon go that much smoother.

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