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Stephen Colbert blasts Trump's Puerto Rico visit in scathing play-by-play

President Trump visited Puerto Rico on Tuesday, nearly two weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall, and Stephen Colbert was ready and waiting to do an official play-by-play.

Upon arriving in San Juan, the president talked a little about his previous visits to Puerto Rico and how the island had just the best weather —save for the hurricanes.

"This is Trump-splaining at its best," Colbert joked.

"You probably didn't notice with all your beautiful weather but you guys had a hurricane," Colbert continued, via his Trump impression.

"The Late Show" host then turned his scorn to Trump's comments about how Puerto Rico's devastation was really inconveniencing the budget

"That’s like a fireman rescuing you out of a burning building then saying, 'You do understand what our water bill is going to be now, right? Do you have any idea how many sexy calendars we’re going to have to sell just to pay for this?'" Colbert said.

The hits kept coming for the president as Trump moved on from public speaking to speaking directly with the public. 

Colbert showed a clip featuring Trump making small talk with a San Juan local who, after explaining how his family made it through the storm, was encouraged by the president to "Have a good time."

"You're at a disaster site," Colbert exclaimed, "Not working the floor at your casino!"

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