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Q and A with DJ Christian Martin

Q and A with Dirtybird Christian Martin (@Sfdirtybird)

The Dirtybird crew has been making waves in San Francisco's house music scene over the last decade.

Known for its bass-heavy sound, the record label is co-founded by brothers Christian and Justin Martin, along with producers Worthy and Claude VonStroke.

Producer Christian Martin will be throwing down his booty-dropping tech-house beats on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale at Stache. He answered a few questions about San Francisco, South Florida and what it's like to work with his brother.

We're so excited to have you back in South Florida! The last time we saw you was at Stache for their one year anniversary party in August. Tell us a little about that.

Stache is an incredible party. Packed room, huge vibes all night, all on a great sound system - it was heaven. (The three) hours just flew by.

Why did you choose to play that show?

I played for the organizers a few months earlier in Miami for their Stanton Sessions party (a Winter Music Conference party on March 26, 2015 at Therapy). I loved the energy of that whole night, so it was only natural that we continued the partnership.

What did you think of Fort Lauderdale?

It's such a cool city, close to, but completely independent from Miami. Zero pretentious attitudes - it's easy to see people are out to have a ton of fun and dance their asses off.

What sets Stache apart from other venues you've played?

Stache maintains the perfect balance between beautiful venue and gritty underground feel. It's exhilarating to look out and see a room packed full of dancers hungry and waiting to hear what will drop next. Love, love, love that big system, too.

You started Dirtybird because you wanted to change the San Francisco house music scene. What changes have you seen since then? What do you like about the San Francisco scene that you wish you could bring to South Florida?

I've seen a huge surge in techno's popularity in SF in the last ten years. I would actually like to see California shift their late night laws to be more like South Florida's - the 2 a.m. alcohol cutoff in California seems arbitrary and hampers late night events more than it helps them.

You have a lot of fresh faces on the Dirtybird record label. Can you tell us about some of the newcomers we should keep our eyes on? None that I saw are from Florida though. Why? Is Florida behind?

Bruno Furlan, Maximono, and Will Clarke are crushing it right now. They all make off-kilter bass bombs that sound like they're jumping out of the speakers. I don't think Florida's behind! Claude [VonStroke] just has a very specific ear for what he's looking for.

Your party at Miami Music Week last year was your 10 year celebration, right? Tell us about that.

Miami is always bonkers - it was surprising to see so many people arriving early to that party considering Miami's reputation as a late-night city.

What's it like to work with your brother [Justin Martin]? How do you balance between brotherly love and business partners?

It's all brotherly love! We aren't business partners. We have a great close relationship, when we sit down in the studio together it's always a pleasure. We have a collaboration due out on his next album this spring that I'm very happy about.

Do you guys fight? How do you keep the peace?

We fought until high school, since then our slight age difference (2.5 years) has become less and less of an issue. Communication and our huge love of music is the key.

Christian Martin will perform 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 23, at Stache, 109 SW 2nd Ave., in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $10 at the door. Call 954-449-1044 or go to / @MedinasMedia

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