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Pocket of Lollipops at Green Room

Just days ago, Tony Kapel and Maitejosune Urrechaga checked out the test pressings of their first album on vinyl. The husband-wife duo perform dissonant noise-pop at local venues as Pocket of Lollipops, a side project for both, who are writers and visual artists when they're not making music.

The album, titled "Letters to Larrup," is due out later this month. It's a four-song record bearing the name of the couple's rabbit, Larrup.

"It's a fun word, if you want to look it up," Kapel says.

Merriam-Webster's entry on the verb says it means "to move indolently or clumsily" or "to flog soundly" – which is what the 3-year-old bunny does around their Coconut Grove home.

Tonight at the Green Room, Pocket of Lollipops will preview the thrash-inducing "Larrup" tracks at a benefit for local photographer Valyn Calhoun, who's trying to fund treatment for his HIV/AIDS. Urrechaga's drawn-out vocals reverberate over droning basslines, and Kapel's aggressive chanting marches over his pumping drums.

As they get ready for the album's release, the couple will hand-press the cover art on the vinyl's sleeves.

"I never stuck to some form of art," Kapel says, "I always liked the idea of people who just kind of break the rules. Guys who don't want to be 'textbook artists,' they're just artists."

There's a $10 cover for the fundraiser for Valyn Calhoun, tonight at 10 at the Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale.

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