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Sonora Ponceña show at Congas

Salsa king Papo Lucca performed with his legendary band La Sonora Ponceña at Congas Nightclub in Sunrise last Saturday, May 25. The salsa club off University Drive was packed and the fans were euphoric. They waited for Lucca and La Sonora until 2 a.m., when the legendary band took the stage. They played some of their biggest hits, "Yaré, el Pío Pío," "Boranda," among them. Curiously, la Sonora did not do their signature song "Hay fuego en el 23." The crowd, though, didn’t seem to mind. People stood up, danced, played maracas, congas, clave bells and whatever percussion instruments they had with them. They also seemed to know most of the songs and sang along with the band. The place became one big party. A special treat: About midway through the set, Papo Lucca ripped into one of his jazzy piano solos and — surprise — started scat singing. He lived up to his reputation as one of salsa’s greatest musicians. If you missed the show on Saturday night, here our photo gallery and you can also read our story. - Text by Deborah Ramirez/El Sentinel, Photos by Aurelio Moreno/El Sentinel
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