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Trisha Yearwood's second course

Trisha Yearwood has recorded 12 albums and had 20 top 10 hits.

So how did a three-time Grammy Award winner and Grand Ole Opry member become a bestselling cookbook author and Food Network star?

"It was a happy accident," Yearwood says by phone from her home in Oklahoma. "It came out of being approached by some publishers to write a book about my life, kind of an autobiography, which I wasn't interested in."

But they persisted, and asked her what she would consider writing. " 'Something I really do is cook,' " Yearwood says she told them. "I really just came up with the idea on the spot for a cookbook. I volunteered my mom and sister before they knew."

"Trisha's Southern Kitchen" is now in its second season, and Yearwood will appear Feb. 24 at the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival as host of Southern Kitchen Brunch, a buffet featuring many of her favorite dishes from her cookbooks and TV show. She'll also appear later that day on the KitchenAid Green Stage inside the Whole Foods Grand Tasting Village.

Surprised by the success of "Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen" in 2008 and her follow-up, "Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood," she agreed to do the TV show when she was told she could tell the same stories from her books and not just be a cooking teacher.

"I kind of feel that I have this second career that is completely by chance, but it came out of something I really love to do," she says. "Most people do more than one thing. It's really been amazing to actually be able to do both things and have them both be successful. It's not a career that I thought I'd ever have when I was a little girl dreaming about being Cher — which is pretty much what I still do."

Yearwood says she's looking forward to February in Miami Beach.

"I've been to Miami and South Beach probably over a dozen times my lifetime, shopping and watching all the skinny people in bikinis," she says. "But I'm definitely looking forward to it. Sitting here in Oklahoma, it's about 30 degrees. All I can think of is that I'm going to be in Miami at the end of February."

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