Art and Culture Center of Hollywood raffling off 98 artworks

Provocative, intense and mostly South Florida-centric, 98 artworks in the main gallery of the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood will be raffled off during the “Exposed” exhibit and fundraiser on Friday, March 2.

The raffle will close out the 10th annual fundraiser at 6 p.m. and feature works by local notables such as Harumi Abe, Pablo Cano, Randy Burman, Jen Clay, William Cordova, Tina La Porta, Henning Haupt and Francie Bishop Good. The idea behind the raffle, the center says, is to match affordable works by emerging contemporary artists with collectors. Pieces include Victor Mahana’s “Overboard,” a suburban scene depicting a trio of torso-less people in bathing suits jumping into a swimming pool.

Here are the raffle’s rules: The names of ticket buyers are drawn at random, and the first name selected has first crack at choosing any “Exposed” artwork on display. The second-chosen name goes second, and so on, until every collector takes home one piece. The draw is open to ticket buyers only ($375 for one work, $725 for two, $1,000 for three), although the public can view the works until the museum closes at 5 p.m. Friday.

Two other exhibits at the center are also closing March 2, including “Wired: Suzan Shutan,” an installation of hundreds of pompoms and wires; and “Herland: Annie Blazejack + Geddes Levenson,” showcasing fiber-based paintings of South Florida landscapes.

When: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday

Where: Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St.

­­Cost: $4-$7

Contact: 954-921-3274 or or 954-356-4364

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