Pam Ann landing new show at Fort Lauderdale's Sunshine Cathedral

Pam Ann, the raunchy “celebrity airhostess” whose R-rated, one-woman show is a favorite of the LGBT audience, is one of us now.

Or rather the Aussie comedian Caroline Reid, who plays the retro-chic character, is. Reid, who is performing her one-woman show “Touch Trolley … Run to Galley” Feb. 11 at Sunshine Cathedral as part of the Outlandish comedy series, just moved to South Florida.

“I’m on Collins, right in Miami Beach,” Reid says. “I’m two minutes from the beach. Pan Am Airlines was originally from Key West. This is life imitating art. I feel like I’ve come home.

Reid previously lived in London, New York and Los Angeles (“I was bisexual, no wait, I mean bicoastal”). She says she thinks South Florida is “paradise” and a welcome respite from near constant touring.

“There are hot guys everywhere,” Reid says. “You don’t need Tinder or Grindr here. It’s really old-school. This homeless guy came up to me and said, ‘Can I be your it?’ He was hopeless, but he was hot.”

She’s made herself at home over the past few weeks, joining the 5th Street Gym and becoming a regular at Twist, a popular South Beach gay nightclub.

“I walk in at 4 a.m., and J.D. [Bower, Twist’s manager] says, ‘Here’s some drink tickets,’ ” Reid says. “Like I need them. I’m already s---faced. Everything is just a suggestion here. If there’s stress, it’s over a cocktail.”

Reid, who has performed at private parties for Madonna and Elton John and toured with Cher, says “Touch Trolley … Run to Galley” features her signature improvisation and audience participation.

“There’s also a huge ‘Downton Abbey’ section, so the gays will love this,” she says. “It’s ‘Downton Galley.’ And cocaine. What’s Miami and Fort Lauderdale without some trafficking? And I might bring my black-girls gospel out, as well. I might bring a bit of Whitney. I don’t really overthink my shows.”

Reid likes to work the latest headlines into her shows, so she may treat President Trump’s Muslim travel ban to the point of view of her flight attendant Pam Ann.

“She would hide refugees under the burqa she was wearing,” Reid says of her alter ego. “She would take them in. She would hide them. She knows a company that would get them fraudulent passports and visas and trick the system and [screw] Trump.”

Reid says she hasn’t made it up to Broward County, but that she’s looking forward to investigating the gay enclaves there.

“I haven’t been to Wilton Manors,” she says. “I hear it’s all rich, retired gays. I look forward to retiring there. Those rich gays, they always have a little house in the back. If they want me, they can have me.”

“Touch Trolley … Run to Galley” will be performed 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, at Sunshine Cathedral, 1480 SW Ninth Ave., in Fort Lauderdale. At presstime, the $30, $40 and $250 (for a table of four) tickets were sold out. For more information, go to

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