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Riot Grill serves up a renegade feast

Riot Grill serves up a renegade feast

On Friday night in downtown Los Angeles punk rock will be served with a side of sweet fig and prosciutto pizza. The revolution, apparently, will come with cured meats.

A reunited Babes in Toyland, a band that in the late '80s came howling out of the Midwest hellbent on female-fronted resolve, will headline a punk rock hootenanny in which fancy food and nervy comedy will sever as supporting acts.

Cheekily titled Riot Grill, the event is curated by celebrity chef Nadia G (real name: Nadia Giosia) and has aims to be part activist gathering, part dinner party.

"Cooking isn't just for soccer moms or 3-star Michelin chefs," says Nadia G, creator and host of Cooking...