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Bars and Clubs

Weekend preview: Beer lifters of the world unite!

Weekend preview: Beer lifters of the world unite!

If the craft-beer community in Fort Lauderdale has a town square, it is on the couple of hundred feet that separate the ultra laid-back Riverside Market and Café and its new offspring across the street in Riverside Park, Craft Beer Cartel.

It is a place one of the owners of the two beer stops, Julian Siegel, calls “a judgment-free zone,” where an $8 billion mogul can sit anonymously on a couch and offer slices of his pizza to a stranger seated next to him, where a college kid “who doesn’t even know who the mayor is” might be lounging next to the mayor, where folks mystified by craft beer are welcome.

“That’s why there’s Yuengling and Michelob Ultra in Door No. 1 at...